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Former Members

  • Kim von Allmen

    Kim von Allmen

    • Manganese containing polyxometalates as WOC synthesis characterization / Mixed core POMs as WRC
  • Cyril Bachmann

    Cyril Bachmann

    • Synthesis and investigation of new polypyridine based complexes as water reduction catalysts and/or photosensitizers for photocatalytic hydrogen production.
  • Esmael Balaghi

    Esmael Balaghi

    • Development of noble metal-free water oxidation catalysts for photoelectrochemical water oxidation
    • (PhD student Prof. Patzke)
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Car

    Pierre-Emmanuel Car, Dr.

    • Synthesis and characterization of new transition metal substituted polyoxometalates as water oxidation catalysts.
  • Chunhua Cui

    Chunhua Cui, Dr.

    • Development of earth-abundant transition-metal-based electrocatalysts and photosensitizers for energy conversion and storage. (Independent Researcher)
    +41 44 635 46 23
  • Wei Cui

    Wei Cui

    • Development of non-noble metal oxides for photoelectrochemical water splitting
    • (PhD student Prof. Tilley)
  • Fabio Evangelisti

    Fabio Evangelisti

    • POM Synthesis for WOCs (Water Oxidation Catalysis). Transition metals cluster for WOCs (Water Oxidation Catalysis). LDH materials and applications for Photocatalysis.
  • Ricardo Fernández-Terán

    Ricardo Fernández-Terán

    • Study of electron transfer proton transfer and PCET processes
    • relevant to catalysis with ultrafast UV-Vis to mid-IR spectroscopy
    • (PhD student Prof. Hamm)
  • Yeliz Gürdal

    Yeliz Gürdal

    • Ab-initio simulations of heterogeneous catalysis for photocatalytic water reduction. (Prof. Hutter)
    +41 44 635 44 79
  • Sima  Heidari

    Sima Heidari, Dr.

    • Development of earth abundant transition metal-based water oxidizing electrocatalysts
    • (Academic guest Prof. Patzke)
  • Daniel  Hernández Valdés

    Daniel Hernández Valdés

    • Synthesis of Rhenium(I) Bis(η6-arene) Complexes as Scaffold for Photocatalytic Proton and CO2 Reduction (PhD student Prof. Alberto)
    +41 44 63 54620
  • Florian Hodel

    Florian Hodel

    • Ab initio MD simulations of Polyoxometalates and photosensitizers in solution. Investigation of electronic properties and reactivity using DFT.
  • Evelyne Joliat

    Evelyne Joliat

    • Synthesis of supramolecular polypyridine macrocycles containing covalently linked photosensitising and/or water reducing moieties. Immobilization of polypyridine macrocycles on substrates. (Prof. Alberto)
    +41 44 635 46 20
  • Philip Kraack

    Philip Kraack, Dr.

    • Multi-dimensional spectroscopy at interfaces
    • ultrafast dynamics in photocatalysis of water splitting
    • ultrafast visible/mid-IR spectroscopy. (Prof. Hamm)
    +41 44 635 44 77
  • Jinggang  Lan

    Jinggang Lan, Dr.

    • Aqueous Electrode Interfaces From First Principle Simulations (PhD student Prof. Hutter)
    +41 44 63 54490
  • Jingguo Li

    Jingguo Li

    • Immobilization of molecular catalyst for water oxidation
    • Photoelectrochemical devices construction
    • (PhD student Prof. Patzke)
  • Jingyi Li

    Jingyi Li

    • New carbon-based materials for photovoltaic and battery electrodes
    • (PhD student Prof. Ernst)
  • Karla Lienau

    Karla Lienau

    • Synthesis and characterization of mainly spinel-type photochemical water oxidation catalysts
    • (PhD student Prof. Patzke)
  • Hongfei Liu

    Hongfei Liu

    • Nanostructured transition metal oxides. Hydrothermal and microwave techniques. Applications for photocatalysis. (Prof. Patzke)
  • Dominik Leuenberger

    Dominik Leuenberger, Dr.

    • Development of model systems of WRC’s
    • WOC’s and PS’s supported on well defined single-crystal surfaces.
  • Davide Lotti

    Davide Lotti

    • Spectroscopic investigation of water oxidation catalysts.Spectroelectrochemical characterization of surfaces relevant for water splitting.
  • Christos Mavrokefalos

    Christos Mavrokefalos, Dr.

    • Development and investigation of solid-state catalysts for the electrochemical and photo-electrochemical water oxidation (PostDoc Prof. Patzke)
  • Gerson Mette

    Gerson Mette, Dr.

    • Development of model systems of WRC’s
    • WOC’s and PS’s supported on well defined single-crystal surfaces.
  • René Moré

    René Moré, Dr.

    • Spectroscopic characterisation of polyometalate and cubane WOC/WRCs (Post Doc
    • Prof. Patzke)
  • Mathias Mosberger

    Mathias Mosberger

    • Investigation of new quinone based electron relays to connect the oxidative and reductive half-reaction as well as developing photosensitizers with enhanced absorption properties
    • (PhD student Prof. Alberto)
  • Rafael Müller

    Rafael Müller

    • Photoelectrochemical water splitting catalysis with metal oxides focused on electroanalytical techniques
    • (PhD student Prof. Patzke)
  • Tiziana Musso

    Tiziana Musso, Dr.

    • Ab-initio simulations of heterogeneous catalysis for photoelectrochemical water splitting
    • (Post Doc Prof. Hutter)
  • Zbynek Novotny

    Zbynek Novotny, Dr.

    • Investigation of molecular water oxidation catalysts anchored to single crystalline metal oxide substrates
    • (Post Doc Prof. Osterwalder)
  • Miriam Oberholzer

    Miriam Oberholzer, Dr.

    • Development of rhenium based photocatalysts to convert the energy of light into chemicalbonds by splitting water.
  • David  Paleček

    David Paleček, Dr.

    • Time resolved vibrational spectroscopy of the solid-liquid photocatalytic interfaces (Post Doc
    • Prof. Hamm)
  • Benjamin Probst-Rüd

    Benjamin Probst-Rüd, Dr.

    • Development of alternative photosensitisers consisting of cheap and abundant materials and immobilisation of the catalysts for cell development
    • (Oberassistant Prof. Alberto)
  • Craig John Richmond

    Craig John Richmond, Dr.

    • Synthesis and characterisation of molecular and supramolecular assemblies for artificial photosynthesis.
  • Olga Sambalova

    Olga Sambalova

    • Development of membrane-based X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for in-situ analysis of heterogeneous solar water splitting catalysis. (PhD student Dr. Borgschulte)
    +41 58 765 4046
  • Stephan Schnidrig

    Stephan Schnidrig

    • Investigation of macrocylic polypyridine complexes as water reduction catalyst and potential photo sensitiser for the photocatalytic hydrogen formation. (Prof. Alberto)
    +41 44 635 46 20
  • Wilman Septina

    Wilman Septina, Dr.

    • Development of earth-abundant metal sulfide-based photocathodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting. (Prof. Tilley)
    +41 44 635 47 11
  • Gökcen Tek

    Gökcen Tek

    • Time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy of photocatalytic and electrocatalytic surfaces
    • (PhD student Prof. Hamm)
  • Roberta Totani

    Roberta Totani, Dr

    • Growth and characterization of MoS2 monolayers on Sb2Se3 single crystals for photocatalysis
    • (PostDoc Prof. Osterwalder)
  • Kathryn Tracy

    Kathryn Tracy, Dr.

    • Study of solid-liquid photocatalytic and electrocatalytic interfaces with time resolved vibrational spectroscopy (PostDoc Prof. Hamm)
  • René Wick

    René Wick

    • Oxide photoanodes for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting
    • (PhD student Prof. Tilley)
  • Wolf-Dietrich Zabka

    Wolf-Dietrich Zabka

    • Development of model systems based on well defined single-crystal surfaces for water splitting applications (PhD student
    • Prof. Osterwalder)
  • Xi Zhang

    Xi Zhang

    • Development of earth-abundant metal sulfide photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting
    • (PhD student Prof. Tilley)
  • Laura Zoppi

    Laura Zoppi, Dr.

    • Application and extension of DFT based electronic structure approaches for studying excitation properties and charge transport phenomena in materials relevantfor water splitting.