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Symposium and Summer School: Solar Light to Chemical Energy Conversion

The main objectives of the URPP Solar Light to Chemical Energy Conversion are to discover and develop new molecules, materials and processes for the direct storage of solar light energy in chemical bonds. For this research, it is extremely important to bring molecular chemists and material scientists together.

The URPP LightChEC events are important instruments to link and to foster the collaboration of the different disciplines of artificial photosynthesis. By inviting experts in molecular chemistry and material sciences the students have time to discuss their projects not only with each other but also with international experts. Thus, synergies will be generated which will promote the research of the PhD students.

A combined symposium and summer school, takes place every second year. National and international outstanding speakers from academy and industry are invited to present their latest research results and the reasons why they are interested in sustainable and light driven energy technology.

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Summer School 2024
9-12 September 2024


We gratefully thank the University Research Priority Program Solar Light to Chemical Energy Conversion for the sponsorship.