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Summer School 2022

All participants, speakers and teachers in Les Diablerets

4 September - 8 September in Les Diablerets, Switzerland

The LightChEC Symposium and Summer School 2022 was attended by 36 young researchers, six of them external participants from other European universities (Boğaziçi University, University of Cambridge, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, University of Porto, University of Tübingen). 26 PhD students were joined by eight Postdocs and senior scientists and two master students.

The Symposium featured one speaker from LightChEC, one industry representative, two European PIs and three speakers from North America. There were two lively poster sessions in the evening. Maybe we will soon see a new collaboration with with groups outside of Switzerland?

Our 2022 Summer School featured four external teachers, each covering a different of the field: In lectures, whorkshops and other group assignments, the participants learned more about turnover frequencies in molecular (photo-)catalysis, about degradation pathways of molecular catalyst and photosensitizers, real-time time dependent DFT, and band-gap engineering. The group work was especially appreciated by the students.

Besides intense scientific discussions and studying, we also found some time for hiking, swimming, eating cheese, chatting, playing cards, and even more eating.

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Invited Teachers and Speakers


Prof. Theodor Agapie, Caltech, USA
Dr. Aaron Appel, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), USA
Dr. Gabriele Colombo, Casale SA, Switzerland
Prof. Sascha Ott, Uppsala University, Sweden
Prof. Oleg Prezhdo University of Southern California, USA
Prof. Sven Rau, CataLight, Germany
Prof. Ludmilla Steier, University of Oxford, UK
Prof. Carsten Streb, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany
Prof. Jenny Y. Yang, University of California, Irvine, USA

Some Feedback from Participants

Wonderful location and interesting speakers. I liked the sessions in which we had to analyze papers and work together with other people. The atmosphere of the school was great ...

As an external participant I think it is well balanced and promoted by experts in a inclusive/interactive manner.

This was a very well designed learning experience...

I really liked the approach of cutting down a paper to the core elements. This way one learns how to approach a new topic that is not close to one's research.

The event was well organized and on schedule, the amount of content was good without being overwhelming.


  • Poster Session
  • Poster Session SO
  • Lac Retaud
  • Arnesee
  • Ludmilla Steier during lecture session
  • Group Work
  • Group Presentation

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We gratefully thank the  Swiss Industry Science Funds (SISF) and the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS) for supporting the URPP LightChEC Summer School.