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Rafael Müller

Rafael Müller

  • Photoelectrochemical water splitting catalysis with metal oxides focused on electroanalytical techniques
  • (PhD student Prof. Patzke)

Recent publications

von Allmen K, Moré R, Müller R, Soriano-López J, Linden A, Patzke GR (2015). Nickel-Containing Keggin-Type Polyoxometalates as Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts: Photochemical Structure–Activity Relationships. Chem Plus Chem, 80(9): 1389–1398.

Liu H, Zhou Y, Moré R, Müller R, Fox T, Patzke GR (2015). Correlations among Structure, Electronic Properties, and Photochemical Water Oxidation: A Case Study on Lithium Cobalt Oxides. ACS Catal, 5(6): 3791–3800.

von Allmen K, Car P-E, Blacque O, Fox T, Müller R, Patzke GR (2014). Structure and Properties of New Gallium-containing Polyoxotungstates with Hexanuclear and Tetranuclear Cores. Z anorg allg Chem, 640(5): 781–789.

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