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René Moré

René Moré, Dr.

  • Spectroscopic characterisation of polyometalate and cubane WOC/WRCs (Post Doc
  • Prof. Patzke)

Recent Publications

Cook DS, Wu Y, Lienau K, Moré R, Kashtiban RJ, Magdysyuk OV, Patzke GR, Walton RI (2017). Time-Resolved Powder X-Ray Diffraction of the Solvothermal Crystallization of Cobalt Gallate Spinel Photocatalyst Reveals Transient Layered Double Hydroxides. Chem Mater, 29(12): 5053–5057.

Jacot R, Moré R, Michalsky R, Steinfeld A, Patzke GR (2017). Trends in the Phase Stability and Thermochemical Oxygen Exchange of Ceria Doped with Potentially Tetravalent Metals. J Mater Chem A, 5(37): 19901–19913.

Li J, Güttinger R, Moré R, Song F, Wan W, Patzke GR (2017). Frontiers of water oxidation: the quest for true catalysts. Chem Soc Rev, 46: 6124-6147.

Moré R, Olah M, Balaghi SE, Jäker P, Siol S, Zhou Y, Patzke GR (2017). Bi2O2CO3 Growth at Room Temperature: In Situ X-Ray Diffraction Monitoring and Thermal Behavior. ACS Omega, 2(11): 8213–8221.

Song F, Moré R, Schilling M, Smolentsev G, Azzaroli N, Fox T, Luber S, Patzke GR (2017). {Co4O4} and {CoxNi4–xO4} Cubane Water Oxidation Catalysts as Surface Cut-Outs of Cobalt Oxides. J Am Chem Soc, 139(40): 14198–14208.

Liu H, Moré R, Grundmann H, Cui C, Erni R, Patzke GR (2016). Promoting Photochemical Water Oxidation with Metallic Band Structures. J Am Chem Soc, 138(5):1527-35.

Evangelisti F, Moré R, Hodel F, Luber S, Patzke GR (2015). 3d–4f {CoII3Ln(OR)4} Cubanes as Bio-Inspired Water Oxidation Catalysts. J Am Chem Soc, 137(34): 11076–11084.

von Allmen K, Moré R, Müller R, Soriano-López J, Linden A, Patzke GR (2015). Nickel-Containing Keggin-Type Polyoxometalates as Hydrogen Evolution Catalysts: Photochemical Structure–Activity Relationships. Chem Plus Chem, 80(9): 1389–1398.

Liu H, Zhou Y, Moré R, Müller R, Fox T, Patzke GR (2015). Correlations among Structure, Electronic Properties, and Photochemical Water Oxidation: A Case Study on Lithium Cobalt Oxides. ACS Catal, 5(6): 3791–3800.

Ressnig D, Shalom M, Patscheider J, Moré R, Evangelisti F, Antonietti M, Patzke GR (2015). Photochemical and electrocatalytic water oxidation activity of cobalt carbodiimide (2015). J Mater Chem A, 3(9): 5072–5082.

Evangelisti F, Güttinger R, Moré R, Luber S, Patzke GR (2013). Closer to Photosystem II: A Co4O4 Cubane Catalyst with Flexible Ligand Architecture. J Am Chem Soc, 135(50): 18734–18737.


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