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Mathias Mosberger

Mathias Mosberger

  • Investigation of new quinone based electron relays to connect the oxidative and reductive half-reaction as well as developing photosensitizers with enhanced absorption properties
  • (PhD student Prof. Alberto)

Recent publications

Schnidrig S, Bachmann C, Müller P, Weder N, Spingler B, Joliat-Wick E, Mosberger M, Windisch J, Alberto R, Probst B (2017). Structure–Activity and Stability Relationships for Cobalt Polypyridyl-Based Hydrogen-Evolving Catalysts in Water. ChemSusChem, 10(22): 4570–4580.

Rodenberg A, Orazietti M, Mosberger M, Bachmann C, Probst B, Alberto R, Hamm P (2016). Quinones as Reversible Electron Relays in Artificial Photosynthesis. Chem Phys Chem, 17(9): 1321-1328.

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