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  • LightChEC Annual Report 2022

  • LightChEC researchers awarded prize by Werner Siemens Foundation

    A consortium including LightChEC PIs has been awarded a CHF 1 million research prize by the Werner Siemens Foundation following the call for a "project of the century".

  • LightChEC Travel Grants

  • Microbeam Analysis Award for Prof. Ernst

    Prof. Karl-Heinz Ernst received the “JVSS-Microbeam Analysis Award” from the Division of Microbeam Analysis (MBA) of the Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science (JVSS) in October.

  • LightChEC Annual Report 2021

  • PhD Defense: Franziska Rahn

    Photo‐ and Electrocatalysis with Polymerised Water Reduction Catalysts

  • PhD Defense: Yonggui Zhao

    Development and Characterization of Transition Metal-Based Nanomaterials for Electrochemical Water Splitting

  • LightChEC Summer School: Apply now

  • PhD Defense Emanuel Billeter

    Probing Catalytic Metal Hydride Surfaces

  • Open PhD Positions: Solar Water Splitting

  • PhD Defense: Johann Mattiat

    Spectroscopy with Real-Time Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory - Linear Response and Gauge Dependence

  • LightChEC Symposium 2021 Registration Closed

    24 posters submitted

  • PhD Defense: Esmael Balaghi

    Development and Mechanistic Studies of Water Oxidation Catalysts Based on 3d Transition Metals

  • LightChEC Symposium 2021 Open for Registration

    Sign up now

  • PhD Defense: Wenchao Wan

    Carbon-Based Electrocatalysts for the Water Splitting and Oxygen Reduction Reactions

  • LightChEC Annual Report 2020

  • PhD Defense: Ricardo Fernández-Terán

    Understanding Catalysts, Photosensitisers, and Catalytic Intermediates with Ultrafast Vibrational Spectroscopy in One and Two Dimensions

  • PhD Student Position: Material Design for Artificial Photosynthesis

  • PhD Defense Jingguo Li

    Understanding Pristine Hematite Photoanodes and their Modification with Cocatalysts for Water Oxidation

  • Sandra Luber Appointed Associate Professor

    Sandra Luber has been appointed Associate Professor for computational chemistry as of 1 April 2021.

  • PhD Defense Jihye Suh

    Molecular Ink-Derived Chalcogenide Photoelectrodes for Solar Water Splitting

  • PhD Defense Olga Sambalova

    Probing the Electrochemical Hydrogen Evolution Interfaces under Reaction-relevant Conditions

  • Nature Communications Features LightChEC Article in Editor's Choice

  • Interview with Greta Patzke about LightChEC

  • David Tilley promoted to Associate Professor

    David Tilley has been promoted to associate professor at the Department of Chemistry. This promotion asserts a continuation of his field in sustainable energy
    research at the University of Zurich.

  • PhD Defense Jinggang Lan

    Ab-initio Simulations of Condensed Aqueous Systems

  • Sandra Luber Interviewed by AcademiaNet

  • LightChEC on Twitter

    For the latest about LightChEC publications and events, follow us on Twitter.

  • LightChEC is Supporting the SUNERGY Initiative

    We are now supporting SUNERGY.

  • Greta Patzke Elected Member of SATW

  • Approval of LightChEC Phase III

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