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David Tilley promoted to Associate Professor

David Tilley Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure

Prof. Dr. David Tilley

  David Tilley has been promoted to associate professor at the Department of Chemistry. This promotion asserts a continuation of his field in sustainable energy research at the University of Zurich.
Tilley holds the assistant professorship that was created by the URPP LightChEC researching how to make photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting a more efficient process. Several ideas to improve the efficiency and stability of PEC systems are investigated on nanostructured inorganic thin films prepared from earth-abundant materials. A second area of research is in the field of green chemistry, using electrochemistry to eliminate the need for molecular redox reagents in organic synthesis.
He complements not only research at the department but also education, which is extended more specifically to semiconductors, green chemistry and electrochemistry.