LightChEC News

March 2020

Prof. Dr. Greta Patzke was newly elected individual member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences SATW. Greta Patzke was appointed in recognition of her outstanding achievements in the field of sustainable bioinspired molecular catalysis for artificial photosynthesis.

18. December 2019

The 3rd phase of the URPP has officially been approved by the Universitätsleitung.

December 2019

David Tilley received an SNF Spark Grant

9. - 10. Mai 2019

The evaluation of LightChEC, by a panel of international experts in the field of artificial photosynthesis, took place at the Chemistry Department of the University of Zurich. The evaluation report was very supportive and motivates us in our efforts to further establish excellent science and education and to continue our ongoing and enthusiastic endeavours.

April - Mai 2019

The LightChEC invited speakers Prof. Dr. Inke Siewert and Prof. em. Dr. Jean-Michel Savéant contributed with two excellent seminars to the official Seminar Program of the Department of Chemistry.