Swiss Symposium and Summer School 2016: Solar Light to Chemical Energy Conversion

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The symposium and summer school 2016 took place between the 29.8.2016 and the 1.9.2016 in Eurotel Victoria Les Diablerets, Switzerland.

Poster Prize 2016

The participants of the LightChEC Summer School 2016 presented 34 posters. 3 posters were awarded by our jury with prizes of 300, 200 and 100 CHF:

1. Wolf Zabka, University of Zurich: Electron Dynamics of Re-Photosensitizers on Alumina thin Films

Poster Zabka (PDF, 1393 KB)

2. Ottavia Bettucci, Università degli Studi di Siena: Role of sulfur atoms in the organic dyes for DSSC in the shift of the λmax of absorption

Poster Bettucci (PDF, 1162 KB)

3. Michela Gazzetto, University of Bern: Charge and Energy Transfer Processes in Novel Families of Hydrogen-Generation Catalysts

Poster Gazzetto (PDF, 2384 KB)


Scientific Committee

  • Peter Hamm
  • David Tilley
  • Roger Alberto
  • Jürg Hutter
  • Greta Patzke
  • Jürg Osterwalder
  • Karl-Heinz Ernst
  • Andreas Borgschulte