LightChEC and Associated Programs' Researchers

  • Esmael Balaghi

    Esmael Balaghi

    Development of noble metal-free water oxidation catalysts for photoelectrochemical water oxidation. (Prof. Patzke)

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  • Wei Cui

    Wei Cui

    Development of non-noble metal oxides for photoelectrochemical water splitting. (Prof. Tilley)

    Phone: +41 44 63 54695

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  • Ricardo Fernandez-Teran

    Ricardo Fernandez-Teran

    Study of electron transfer, proton transfer and PCET processes relevant to catalysis with ultrafast UV-Vis to mid-IR spectroscopy. (Prof. Hamm)

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  • Yeliz Gürdal

    Yeliz Gürdal

    Ab-initio simulations of heterogeneous catalysis for photocatalytic water reduction. (Prof. Hutter)

    Phone: +41 44 635 44 79

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  • Sima  Heidari

    Sima Heidari, academic guest

    Development of earth abundant transition metal-based water oxidizing electrocatalysts (Prof. Patzke)

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  • Madhusudhan  Jarpla

    Madhusudhan Jarpla, PhD Student

    Solar-thermochemical CO2 splitting using Ceria and Perovskite based redox materials (Prof. Patzke)

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  • Philip Kraack

    Philip Kraack, Dr.

    Multi-dimensional spectroscopy at interfaces, ultrafast dynamics in photocatalysis of water splitting, ultrafast visible/mid-IR spectroscopy. (Prof. Hamm)

    Phone: +41 44 635 44 77

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  • Jingguo Li

    Jingguo Li

    Immobilization of molecular catalyst for water oxidation, Photoelectrochemical devices construction. (Prof. Patzke)

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  • Jingyi Li

    Jingyi Li

    New carbon-based materials for photovoltaic and battery electrodes. (Prof. Ernst)

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  • Karla Lienau

    Karla Lienau

    Synthesis and characterization of mainly spinel-type photochemical water oxidation catalysts. (Prof. Patzke)

    Phone: + 41 44 635 46 97

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  • Magdalena  Marszalek

    Magdalena Marszalek, Dr.

    Metal chalcogenides for water splitting (Prof. Tilley)

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  • Thomas Moehl

    Thomas Moehl, Dr.

    Development and investigation of new inorganic materials composed of abundant, non-toxic elements for solar water splitting

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  • René Moré

    René Moré, Dr.

    Spectroscopic characterisation of polyometalate and cubane WOC/WRCs. (Prof. Patzke)

    Phone: +41 (0)44 635 4692

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  • Mathias Mosberger

    Mathias Mosberger

    Investigation of new quinone based electron relays to connect the oxidative and reductive half-reaction as well as developing photosensitizers with enhanced absorption properties. (Prof. Alberto)

    Phone: +41 44 635 46 17

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  • Rafael Müller

    Rafael Müller

    Photoelectrochemical water splitting catalysis with metal oxides focused on electroanalytical techniques. (Prof. Patzke)

    Phone: +41 44 635 46 78


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  • Tiziana Musso

    Tiziana Musso

    Ab-initio simulations of heterogeneous catalysis for photoelectrochemical water splitting. (Prof. Hutter)

    Phone: +41 44 635 44 98

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  • Zbynek Novotny

    Zbynek Novotny, Dr.

    Investigation of molecular water oxidation catalysts anchored to single crystalline metal oxide substrates. (Prof. Osterwalder)

    Phone: +41 44 635 6691

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  • David  Paleček

    David Paleček, Dr.

    Time resolved vibrational spectroscopy of the solid-liquid photocatalytic interfaces. (Prof. Hamm)

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  • Rajiv Ramanujam Prabhakar

    Rajiv Ramanujam Prabhakar, PhD Student

    Metal chalcogenides for efficient photocathodes (Prof. Tilley)

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  • Benjamin Probst-Rüd

    Benjamin Probst-Rüd, Dr.

    Development of alternative photosensitisers, consisting of cheap and abundant materials, and immobilisation of the catalysts for cell development. (Prof. Alberto)

    Phone: +41 44 635 46 17

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  • Franziska  Rahn

    Franziska Rahn, PhD Student

    Mechanistic studies on cobalt-based WRC and immobilization of them (Prof. Alberto)

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  • Alexandra Rieger

    Alexandra Rieger, PhD Student

    Carbon dioxide activation and hydrogenation on metal-organic complexes (Prof. Ernst)

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  • Olga Sambalova

    Olga Sambalova

    Development of membrane-based X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy for in-situ analysis of heterogeneous solar water splitting catalysis. (PD Dr. Borgschulte)

    Phone: +41 58 765 4046

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  • Laurent Sévery

    Laurent Sévery, PhD Student

    Strategies for Immobilization of Molecular Catalysts for Water Splitting (Prof. Tilley)

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  • Fangyuan Song

    Fangyuan Song

    Development of molecular water oxidation catalysts. (Prof. Patzke)

    Phone: +41 44 635 46 97

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  • Gökcen Tek

    Gökcen Tek

    Time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy of photocatalytic and electrocatalytic surfaces. (Prof. Hamm)

    Phone: +41 44 635 44 86

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  • Jasmin Terreni

    Analysis and characterization of catalysts for CO2 reduction (Dr. Andreas Borgschulte)

    Phone: +41 58 765 41 51

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  • Gabriele  Tocci

    Gabriele Tocci, Dr.

    Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics of Photocatalytic Interfaces (Prof. Hutter)

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  • Christian Wäckerlin

    Christian Wäckerlin, Dr.

    Carbon dioxide activation and hydrogenation. (Prof. Ernst)

    Phone: +41 58 765 6087

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  • René Wick

    René Wick

    Oxide photoanodes for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting. (Prof. Tilley)

    Phone: +41 44 635 46 95

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  • Wolf-Dietrich Zabka

    Wolf-Dietrich Zabka

    Development of model systems based on well defined single-crystal surfaces for water splitting applications. (Prof. Osterwalder)

    Phone: +41 44 635 6697

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  • Xi Zhang

    Xi Zhang, PhD Student

    Development of earth-abundant metal sulfide photoelectrodes for photoelectrochemical water splitting (Prof. Tilley)

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